Beers of 日本 (Japan)

Just returned from Japan and I took a photo of every type of beer I drank just for interests sake.

There was nothing which particularly stood out as either awesome or disgusting. Interestingly there was quite a price difference though. For the small cans (300mL?) a ‘premium’ beer was around 290円 whereas a ‘cheap’ beer was 180円.

Interestingly, for an Australian anyway, they are allowed to sell beers via vending machine over there. The vending machines in hotels in particular turned out to be really handy. Late night, surfing the web, feel like a beer – no problem!

Australia has very strict laws about the consumption and sale of alcohol – with particular emphasis on not serving alcohol to an intoxicated person (although it seems to be a common occurence) which can result in a ~$20,000AUD fine and other ramifications to the liquor license holder! Beer vending machines will never exist in Australia – of that I am almost certain.

Also, note how top row third from the left (Belgian White Style Beer) is printed upside down! It’s also stacked upsided down in the fridge (as in, label is the right way up to read). That was different.

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