Dill’s Atlantic Giant – Week #5

Egypt, Libya, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq – sheesh, too heavy! I just want to grow a pumpkin!

So it’s week five and things are going well (I assume. I don’t have any previous experience, your Honour).

The pumpkin looks happy. And any interventionalist deity knows it should be happy with the amount of chemicals I put in that soil! I actually thought tonight that I should fertilise it, but then I second-guessed myself with how many different fertilisers I put into the original mix – seriously, a lot. Of every type.

So here it is after four and five weeks. It’s not the 20ft vine I’ve been reading about but I assume that will be coming. One thing I found interesting were the different shapes of the leaves. The first two were clearly round type leaves and thereafter it was the more typical vine type leaf. I wonder if the chemistry in each type of leaf is different? Interesting.

Anyway, ado aside, here are some images.

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