Dill’s Atlantic Giant – Week #10. And disaster.

Things were going well. Really well. Until Tim Minchin’s song was chosen not to be aired on the Jonathan Ross Show, and then the hail hit.

The hail was the serious kind of hail. Both of our cars were damaged, the local train tracks became a new waterfall and worst…oh worst – the pumpkin was damaged, possibly beyond repair.

I don’t take soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and other war-torn places lightly, those guys do a great job, so this is a poor choice of similarly – but it was like a war zone. The pumpkin was peppered by the hail with bullet holes everywhere.

The worst part was that the pumpkin was actually starting to flower. Roughly 2m from the vine root there was actually a single female flower with the fruit just sitting there, waiting to be fertilised! It was not to be, however, for the stem with the fruit was completely severed from the vine by the hail.

So the battle plan is to prune the damaged vine and just see what happens. There are plenty of flowers – all male – and some new growth on the way, but with the engine  (leaves) damaged it’s hard to say if there will be any pumpkins on this plant.

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