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Dill’s Atlantic Giant – Week #14. Home stretch.

Things are very real now. In the space of only one week the female flower opened and was pollinated – no doubt by insects, before I manually pollinated it just in case. Bees are loving the pumkin flowers. You can … Continue reading

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Dill’s Atlantic Giant – Week #13. And recovery!

In the last article Little F–k Thong (ฟักทอง “fak thaawng” meaning “pumpkin” in Thai), as I have named the pumpkin, had a major set-back by way of a hail storm. A really, really bad hail storm! With the only fruit … Continue reading

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First time-lapse attempt

I’ve always loved the classic style of time-lapse photography that you see in pretty much every nature documentary but I’ve never had the gear to attempt it myself. I was temped to hack into an old digital camera and hook … Continue reading

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