First time-lapse attempt

I’ve always loved the classic style of time-lapse photography that you see in pretty much every nature documentary but I’ve never had the gear to attempt it myself.

I was temped to hack into an old digital camera and hook it up with an Arduino or something like that to control the shutter with a laptop, but it’s something that I never managed to find the time to do myself.

Meanwhile we shelled out on a Nikon D7000 DSLR which has in-built time-lapse functionality, which is nice!

Needless to say I made an error first attempt – I accidentally set a 200 photo limit, so I missed sunset (whoops!), but I wasn’t totally happy with the shots regardless, and I want to do a time-lapse of a more interesting scene anyway, as interesting as the backyard is!

The resulting image set was 200 images captured from 1700h to roughly 1815h. The images were combined into a movie file in Linux using the command:

mencoder "mf://*.JPG" -mf fps=10 -ovc lavc -o output.avi

Here is the resulting 20s movie!

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