Dill’s Atlantic Giant – Week #16. Size does matter.

As it turns out, size does matter. This was supposed to be a competition but my mate moved his while it was flowering and it’s struggling along. He did have a fruit though, so anything is possible – but my solar collector leaf array is massive compared to his, and only that sunlight is going to add mass. He can’t win, I dare say.

It’s growing, growing, growing. Every day we go outside and our minds are blown by how much mass has been added to the fruit in such a short amount of time.

I cut off all the flowers hoping to reduce the amount of energy the plant was putting into looking pretty, thinking that the energy can be redirected into growing the fruit. No idea if that makes sense from a horticultural science sense, but nothing to lose trying…and EVERYTHING to gain!

I decided to bed the fruit on top of some pea straw mulch so that it wasn’t in direct contact with the ground after seeing a similar approach on Gardening Australia. The idea is that any water can drain away easily from the fruit and reduce the risk of the skin rotting underneath. Seems to be working well so far.

Now it’s just a question of how much sunlight remains in the coming weeks before Autumn and the cooler climate and sun’s motion though the sky prevents any further growth.

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