Cheap counterflow wort chiller

This is the pic I found online that I was using for inspiration:

Counterflow wort chiller I found online

I picked up the following items from the local hardware store (total about $70AUD):

  • 3m of 25mm reinforced PVC tube (clear). Reinforced not necessary, just liked the look of it.
  • 3m of 12.7mm copper pipe
  • 2x brass t-junctions (½” thread)
  • 2x 13mm garden watering system barbs
  • 2x stainless steel hose clamps
  • packet of nylon olives
  • 2x ½” compression nipples
  • packet of zip ties

I fitted all that together with some teflon tape I had laying around and voila! Unfortunately won’t get a chance to try it out for a couple of weeks but it should work well enough.


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