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Dill’s Atlantic Giant – Week #3

Earlier in the year my best mate and I decided to go head to head, mano a mano, in the manliest of all the pastimes – growing giant pumpkins. A suitable supplier was found ( and the seeds were purchased … Continue reading

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Beers of 日本 (Japan)

Just returned from Japan and I took a photo of every type of beer I drank just for interests sake. There was nothing which particularly stood out as either awesome or disgusting. Interestingly there was quite a price difference though. … Continue reading

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(NSFW) 2010 triplej Hottest 100 votes

I’ve always thought that it is arrogant to push your music onto other people, somewhat akin to evangelical religions (ok, maybe not quite that bad) so you should know I’m writing this just to say what it is I like … Continue reading

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128km Melbourne radar rainfall animation

For a while I’ve been thinking it would be cool to scrape the Bureau of Meteorology rainfall images and make a movie out of them. The result was not quite as good as I imagined but interesting anyway. I’ll make … Continue reading

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